Our Process


Understanding the current situation

Understanding the current situation at our client company Objectively. Research phase is very important for OD.

Bcon Researvh Tools:

(1) Organizational Efficiency Survey.

(2) Interview on your management team.

(3) Discussion with your management team.


Set the Ideal feature  and implementation plan

Collaborate with Management team to set the ideal Features of Implementation Plan in accor-dance with the company’s strategy

Bcon solutions

(1) Management seminar.

(2) Consulting sessions with Management team.


Check and re-Action

Check the progress for achieving goal and modify the plan if necessary.

Follow up with the participant team to check on their progress.

Tailor our solutions to keep up with the Management Development Team’s future development strategy.


Implement for achieving the goal

Implement to achieve the Ideal features in agreed period of time.

[BCon solutions]

Bcon solutions

(1) Meeting with Management team.

(2) Leadership Development Consulting.

Our Solutions

Talent Development
Organization development
Talent Development
Organization development

Performance Management is an approach for making sure that goals and targets are continuously being achieved in an efficient and effective manner. Vision, goals and targets need to be clearly communicated so that the people understand “what”, “how” and “when” to do things in order to achieve optimal results. Monitoring progress and regular follow-up ensures continued performance.

To stay successful companies must continuously invest in a strong pipeline of next-generation leaders who can help them build and secure a competitive advantage today’s rapidly changing environment. The key to success lies in the manager’s capability to lead and inspire high performance in their teams. At the same time leaders must also look beyond their team and be able to recognize how organizational issues at the macro level will affect micro level decisions.

High employee turnover costs continue to be challenge for many organizations worldwide. Studies suggests that more than 10 billion dollars are lost annually due to poor retention. On the contrary, many companies that are successful in retention management benefit not only from reduced costs but also from employees reaching their fullest potential. Our solutions are designed to tackle retention issues from an organization and talent development perspectives.

Globalization has become a requirement for many organizations to sustain growth. In this complex and dynamic environment developing talent capable of executing business strategies on a local level and managing intercultural difference becomes imperative. Our approach focuses on building the skill-set required of global managers including creating an understanding of the larger role of the organization in a global context.

Client needs increasingly diversify and change over time. In order to secure revenue streams under these circumstances, it is indispensable
for organizations to establish a strong sales and marketing force to drive sustainable growth. Our solutions give equal focus to all aspects of the sales cycle with an emphasis on recognizing and adapting to client communication styles.

Managing individual learning and career objectives within the organization is an important factor in workforce planning, talent management and performance improvement. While career development to some extent has to focus on individual needs and wants it is important to align career planning with organizational goals by taking current and future organizational needs into account.

Designing an effective organization means shaping processes, structures, talent development and reward systems so that they support the organization’s capability to achieve its business strategy. Our design solutions range from large-scale organizational redesign interventions to pinpoint solutions aimed at addressing the most critical issues.

We support our clients in shaping a vision for change, careful planning of the change process and full support in executing. Sustaining any change initiative requires not only a clear vision of the path ahead but also addressing organizational culture, team dynamics and the mindset of individual employees to ensure sustainable change in behaviors.

Managing your company’s service offerings and ensuring that they are tightly linked with the organization’s bottom line are more important than ever. Our approach to service management and customer service goes beyond systems and addresses attitudes and behaviors of employees as well as service strategy and organizational values.

Dealing with the sustainability question is a balancing act for most organizations. How can we create growth and shareholder value while still contributing to a future that is good both for the planet and the people inhabiting it? At the core of our approach is the Framework for Sustainable Strategic Development (FSSD a.k.a. The Natural Step Framework), offering a simple yet powerful scientific definition of sustainability, a systemic approach to strategic thinking and a method for crafting pathways to long-term success.

Innovation does not happen without talent equipped with the right skills, tools and mental models for idea generation and implementation. Creative people will get you a long way, but to truly leverage your innovation capabilities, addressing organizational culture, systems and leadership is absolutely necessary.

Developing quality relationships in teams should be a long term strategic focus for any organization. After all it is through people and relationships that organizations realize their full potential. Goal setting, group dynamics and alignment are all important parts of building an effective team but addressing individual behavior and improving self-awareness is equally significant.