We have supported our client organizations in their talent and organizational development endeavors for over 50 years, with the mission: "We create highly competitive and resilient organizations with outstanding human resources". "Resilient organizations" are organizations that enhance managerial leadership and strategy consistency, in accordance with environmental changes, while boosting productivity. To that end, organizations must continue adapt to challenges, without clinging to past successes.

Affect over 9 million people
Has been used in 56 countries
Availlable in 24 languages

Dr. Allan Katcher has stated that “The LIFO Method enables each person’s unique strengths to be understood and applied for best effect.” Also, the world-class organizations that have embraced the LIFO® Method, including Microsoft, Kate Spade, Nielsen, Stanford University or Brocade.

Has influence 20,000 people
over 10 countries
to foster an
Innovative culture

"Training to develop critical function competency is an important complement to the natural presence of these skills. This may be accomplished through a combination of apprenticeship - a systematic approach for generating ideas, filtering them down to the idea most likely to succeed and taking initiative at implementation.”

Alan Fusfeld – President and CEO of The Fusfeld Group at an ITS Workshop

Has been adopted by 35 organizations
in 40 countries
and 15 languages

"After The Human Element, it was as if a whole new world suddenly entered our plant. People were actually discussing and recognizing issues for what they actually were and attempting to resolve versus argue.” “The Human Element was the catalyst that enabled our plant to negotiate and ratify a completely new high performance work system at Baltimore.”

Labor union president at P&G in Baltimore